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Springtime, runtime!!

Springtime is almost here with a lots of sunshine, slushsnow riding and warmer weather, it is so lovely! I hope you have got a lot of riding this winter and that you have even more awesome riding to look forward to the rest of the season! Another nice thing with spring is that it’s time to lace up the running shoes and head out to run in the verdant spring. Maybe you are going with Girlie Camps to New York and run the NYRR New York Mini 10k? Or want to get started with your running to strengthen your fitness and body? Then it’s time to get started to have time to adapt your body to longer distances and prevent injuries to get a longlasting and healthy results! Remember to check your shoes so that you have the right shoes for running and your feet.

If you are a beginner to start running, I recommend that you try to get out and run 2-3 times a week where the first weeks varies with running and walking a certain distance, for example, 5 km, or a certain time, for example 30 minutes. For each time depending on your daily condition, you should seek to run more and walk less. I think a good distance to set as a first goal is 5 km and then you can increase the distance more for each week.
If you already are a runner and decides to develop your running to longer distances it is good to do vary your workouts to accustom the body gradually. Each week should include a longer distance workouts (7-8 km) at a relaxed pace that you each week increases by 500 m until the distance is 1 km longer than your possible race distance. Each week should also include two shorter workouts for about 30 minutes each where one of them can be an interval workout for your cardio improvement.
Here is a program that you can follow if you want to improve your running with the goal to run 10 km. These are the first three weeks. To keep track of your heart rate you can use a pulse watch , or else you can think of on the low intense workouts you should be able to talk while you run, at intervals it should feel strenuous to very strenuous in breathing while you do the intervals.

W 1:
1) 4km, easy workout where you can talk while you run

2) Interval Workouts: 8 min warmup. 4 x 4 min intervals (70-75% HR max) with 2 minutes fast walking / jog between each. 5 min easy cooldown

3) 6 km. Jog 10 min, 8 min, 6 min, 4 min. Join brisk 2 minutes between each jog.

W 2:
1) Distance 6 km, you will be able to talk reasonably

2) Interval: 12 min easy jog. 6 x 2 min interval (80% HR max) with 1 min easy jog between each. 8 min easy cool down.

3) Distance 6 km. you should just be able to talk the first two kilometers. then increase the tempo of 2 km. lower the tempo to the original tempo the last 2 km.

W 3:

1) Distance 5 km, you will be able to talk reasonably

2) Intervals: 8 min easy jog. 3 x 10 min (70-75% maximum heart rate) 3 min easy jog between each. 5 min cool down

3) Distance 4 km, easy and free, you are out and enjoy!

I hope you get many awesome runs to look forward to this spring and keep in mind that you can always run where, how and when you want as long as it makes you happy and proud of yourself!

Peace, run and love! //Lisa


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