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Make crispbread and routine of your workouts!

This weekend I have been ill and kept me indoors, but to have something to do that did some baking, including a simple and very good crisp bread that I really can recommend! I also made carrot bread, but that recipe I will post later (:

You will need: 25 gr yeast, 2 cups water, 1 teaspoon salt, 5 dl flour.
Do like this: Dissolve yeast in 37 degree water, add salt. Mix in the flour a little at a time and different favorable things you want in, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit and spices. Knead into a dough and let rise for 1 hour covered. Set the oven to 220 degrees. Divide the dough into 5 pieces and roll out each piece thinly and place on a plate. Bake 6-8 minutes or until nicely browned. When all the the breads are baked, turn off the oven and add all the bread on a rack and let them dry with the door little open. yummyyummy!!

When it comes to do workouts, I think it might be nice to have some guidelines to go by to make it easier to know what to practice and to get a routine so you will continue the weeks it can be tough to get off to practice. For cardiotraining, I think a good guideline is 2-3 times a week, for strength 1-2 times a week and in addition to this it can be nice to do yoga for flexibility, balance and strength, plus yoga strengthens you from the inside out! If you’re looking to improve your fitness, I recommend that you run one workout more intense, such as intervals, if you want to challenge yourself a little extra. For snowboarding, skiing, surfing and skateboarding is it  important with stamina, strength, flexibility and balance, giving you the ability to vary your workout with different exercises and variations that you think is fun! I’ll put up examples of exercises ahead for some tips and inspiration on how a session might look like.  Snowboarding and skiing  can be a little extra strain on the knees and therefore important to do strength exercises such as squats and lunges where you get both strength and mobility for the legs. If you do not like to do workouts by yourself, get together with a bunch of friends and take turns to find different exercises or you can attend classes, the important thing is that you find something that suits you and that feels fun to do! I can assure you It is well worth the work to do workouts to get the best of your riding and improve your abilities!

Remember to join our camps for this year, it will be awesome!! woopwoop!!

// Lisa

what is your goal for this spring and summer?

In the last post I wrote about motivation and how important it is to find an internal motivation of the ups and downs so that you should continue with what you do and want to do even if sometimes feels tough. Equally important, I think it is to have a goal that you can strive for and have something positive to think about when it comes difficult moments. If you have small milestones along the way, it can feel easier and the goal becomes closer when you succeed in some way. A goal can be a good motivation to start or improve  your exercise. My goals for this spring and summer is to run the NYRR New York Mini 10K , (or in swedish “Tjejmilen i New York”) and to become even better at surfing and snowboarding. Then I will run a tough race in early september that I need to start prepare for in my workouts already  to be as “fit for fight” as possible without stressing the body in way (it only increases the risk of injury). So what are my milestones right now? Well, to exercise regularly strength, fitness and flexibility with activities that I think are fun and joyful. To achieve this, I and some friends gave each other challenges in the gym, running track and in the slopes to inspire and motivate eachother. It is always more fun to do things together!

It is important that you set goals and milestones that are realistic based on you and your ambitions, but often you can handle more than you think, but they should feel possible to cope and feel positive for you and your well-being.

This weekend I’ll go to Åre for some snowboarding and goal reaching in the slopes and I wish you a supernice and awesome weekend!

love! //Lisa

You can do it!

I do not know how it is for you but I can sometimes become unmotivated to do things that I should do. It can be like going to the gym, cooking, studying or doing something that is expected of me to do, or do something new. When this happens, I usually allow myself to be unmotivated for a while but then try to turn thoughts into something positive to find motivation again. I can do that by rethink about how I can turn it to my advantage, and might require a change in what I do to suit me and my goals better. Or it can requires quite simply that I need to challenge myself to do it anyway. It is important to find a purpose in what you do, that means something positive for yourself and contribute to a positive feeling. The willingness to do things that feel harsh or unjustified is a lot about the internal motivation that comes from within, to want to do things for yourself and not for anyone else’s part. I think it’s important to remember that all things there is to do may not fit every person but you can always do every thing in your own way and have a goal of what you do so that you get motivated and inspired to continue. For me, it can be about going to the gym because I want to get better at surfing and snowboarding, or be able to run a race this summer. So even if it sometimes feels heavy now so I know I will be happy for what I do now later, and it’s fun to see the own development and to cope with new things along the way. And remember doing things you know that you love along the way!

Sometimes you have days when it is just to bite the bullet and do what you must and the best part of that is the feeling afterwards, you feel proud of yourself for doing the best you could of something you didn’t think you could, that’s awesome ! Then and it is important not to compare yourself with others, like at the gym or in the slopes, but instead draw inspiration from others to able to develop yourself and make new goals and opportunities of what you do. I think this applies to most things, I and some classmates are currently entitled little inspiration to cook so we decided to get together and cook various dishes that we can then froze in to have as lunch to school, perfect and fun to get motivated together! So even if it sometimes feels rough and low, remember that it’s a new day tomorrow and that it’s okay to skip to do things and do it better next time.  It can be hard to start do something new or difficult, you can then realize it’s fun and inspiring to continue, so think of all the thing you can miss if you don’t try. Courage to surprise and challenge yourself and do anything you dream of. Don’t let one bad day stop you from reaching your goal and remember that dreams don’t work unless you do!


Back to Stockholm

After a really nice week of surfing in Morocco I’m now back in Stockholm to get back to school and my life here and after a long vacation of both snowboarding and surfing it feels good! Yesterday I went to the grocery store to fill up my fridge again and I think it’s fun to get back to get to cook my own food again and try new recipes after I’ve got inspired from the food in Morocco and a new food magazine I bought today. Yesterday I went to the gym for the first after new year and I can assure you I can feel that in my body now! But that’s good and I’m motivated to get even better in running and strenght to be prepared for new awesome adventures this spring and summer and I hope you are too!

Love! /Lisa

Love winter!

Winter is awesome, because then you can both go snowboarding or skiing, and surf! Well, maybe you have to travel in between to get to do these things but to travel is also fun! After three weeks of snowboarding in Åre I’m in Marroco for a week of surfing! The first weeks in Åre was awesome with snowfalls and some riding in powder and in the forest. But the last days it was rain and for one day I was riding slusshsnow, like it is in springtime, fun for a while but not when it is January and supposed to be snowing!

Here in Marroco it is sunny and warm, lovely! The waves are supernice and I’m getting a progress in my surfing from where I was last time when I was in Portugal in the summer. All the extra time and weights in the gym has given a result and it is so nice to be well prepared to get the best out of the activity you are doing! Yesterday we were doing yoga at the beach and it was really relaxing to do it in the afternoon sun with the ocean in the background and really nice for the body to stretch out after days of surfing. Now it is time for me to get some Moroccan dinner with couscous and a lot of nice side dishes to it.

I hope you all have a great start of this new year with a lot of exciting and funny things to look forward to, like going to an awesome Girlie Camp!!

Keep doing what you love and love what you do!

// Lisa

Merry christmas!

Now I’m up in Åre and have had my first days of snowboarding for this season. It’s amazing to get to ride again and it’s pretty good with snow though very cold now in the last two days. Yesterday and today watched the sun up and it is so magically beautiful to ride in the sun and a lot of snow! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and then I’ll celebrate with some of my family here in Åre, it will be cozy! I have the responsibility to fix anything good of green cabbage so I’ll sit and look through some recipes and see what it might be for something…maybe something with walnuts and oranges?! While I’m up here, I also try to make it in the cross country track as much as I can. It’s a form of exercise that is good for the whole body and it is so wonderful that you get as much fresh air at the same time, then I always find it fun to go on so narrow skis down the slopes that sometimes shows up in the track!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with good food and lovely Christmas gifts, a lot of snow and some kickass riding in the slopes!

Lots of winterlove //Lisa

Do you get enough vitamin D during winter?

This week we made dietary registration on ourselves at school and I saw that I do not get me enough vitamin D, so this weekend will be to start eating more fish! I like salmon but now I’ll make sure to start learning to eat herring and mackerel that are all good types of fish to eat to get vitamin D and healthy omega 3 and 6 fats. If possible, it is good to try to eat fish about 3 times a week so it will be my new challenge for next year! Vitamin D can also be obtained through sunlight, but this part of the year it’s not so much of it so for me it will be to start eating more fish or taking any supplements. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that regulates the calcium balance in the body and affects the skeleton, it is found mainly in animal products such as milk (the swedish low fat and semi skimmed milk have added vitamin D and A) and fatty fish. Because vitamin D is fat soluble so it can be stored in the fat tissue of the body and does not need to be added every day. There can be a risk of overdose if  ingest excessive amounts which can lead to increased calcium excretion that can be harmful to the body. But there is usually no risk if you know that you do not put in far too much vitamin D through supplements and food. If you knows that you has any nutritional deficiencies and can not get into it through food, it might be good to add some supplements, but first try to get it through food and otherwise go to a pharmacy to buy any supplement. I think it’s beneficial to get the nutrition you need through your food, then you take in both nutrition and energy at the same time!

Today I rode trains all day and now I’m finally in Åre where I’ll be in three weeks to celebrate Christmas and go a lot of snowboarding! I was just out taking a walk and finally got to see all the slopes and all the fine snow that is waiting to be tested tomorrow, oh how I love winter!

Happy holidays! //Lisa

Friday again!

Woho then it’s Friday and the weekend soon! This week has gone incredibly fast and now it’s only a week left before I go to Åre meaning of seven days, I am on the board again, wonderful! This week  it has been a lot of training. I have increased my training something, especially strength training. Now it is time to be enough strong and cope with everything physically that I want to do, like paddling all the awesome waves! Me and a classmate have given each other a challenge for Christmas, we should cope with straight chin without swing at Easter so then I just have to start to get ready already so I have enough time. So in terms of strength, I have increased my weights and do about 5-8 rep / set unlike the 10-15 rep / set as I did before. I am a person who needs to have a goal with my training so that I get enough motivation to develop myself and to keep motivation up when it feels tough! I’ve always liked to train fitness while strength training in the gym has been something I haven’t focused very much on so it feels great to have new goals to strive for. I’ve just put together my strength workouts that I should run next time, it looks like this: Legs; squats, lunges, squat abductors, squat adductors. Arms; flyes * 3 modes, biceps curls, triceps pulls * 2 modes, military press. Chest: bench press, pull the cable cross. Back, rowing, back lifting, lat pull. Abdominals, hips and butt do I run more in the end with 10 exercises that I run for one minute per exercise with no rest in between. Stamina and strength go together when it comes to performance. It is important to have a balance between these two especially in sports like skiing and snowboarding, which requires both stamina and strength, and you’ll notice the difference in your skiing!

Today I discovered that I was completely pink when I went to the gym, hello pink!

Now I will go to take my favourite yoga class, lovely friday!

Love //Lisa

Granola honeyhoney!

The other day, I made my own granola full of yummy things! Most muesli and cereal varieties that are available in the store has an unnecessarily high sugar content and sometimes fat and so I do my own, where I could be in it that I think is good, but having too much sugar or fat. It’s partly because I do not want to start my day with a sugar high that makes me get in a lot of energy but no nutrients, and because I want to choose which fat is in, then it’s cheaper and more fun to make your own when you can choose what it will contain! I chose to have dried apricots and honey to the sweet taste. If you choose to buy dried fruit, remember that it is easy to overdose with dried fruit (it’s easier to eat many dried apricots than fresh) and therefor it is easy to get a high energy content without thinking about it, then there are many dried fruits at the grocery store that contain added sugar, so check it before! First I mixed oatmeal (4 cups), sunflower seeds, chopped hazelnuts and almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, crushed flax seeds, black sesame seeds, honey and canola oil in a large bowl. The amount of chopped nuts and seeds were together about 2-3 cups, canola oil about 30 ml, 20 ml honey and apricots 7. Then I poured all over the place in a roasting pan with baking paper and smoothed it out. Then it was just to set it in the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the granola was golden brown and beautiful, and do not forget to move it around during the time! I let granolan cool before I cut the apricot pieces and poured it all over a nice jar. I usually eat plain yogurt and granola for an afternoon snack or breakfast, then it’s good to  sprinkle over a smoothie!

Love and granola! // Lisa

Snow, strenght and salads!

Finally the snow has come to Stockholm! I’ve woken up with a smile when I saw that it has been snowing outside. There is so much brighter outside and a lot of snow means that soon it’s time to go snowboarding again, woopwooop! But it’s not just the snow that is on tour with lot of lovely snowboarding, now I have booked a surf trip to Morocco in January to surf for a week. It will be so wonderful! But it also means that it’s time to see if I have reached the goal of becoming a better paddler in the water. So now it will be to go to the swimming center to crawl and put on more weight when I run at the gym, I will be as strong as possible in january to catch the waves! I’ll put up my programs I usually run in the gym when I get with someone who has the time to take some photos, it’s always more fun with photos! There are a variety of ways to work out and it comes to finding the style that suits you. I mostly practice yoga and goes to the gym to train my strength and be strong enough to be able to do the activities I enjoy doing and to keep a functional strength. A thought struck me today as I walked and thought about strength. They say that your muscle mass peaks around 25-30 years and then you start to lose it the older you get (but it is never to late to start exercise!). So this is another reason to do strength workouts, to prevent getting weaker and maintain  functional strength for as long as possible to be able to do all the activities that you love as long as you possibly can!

Yesterday I made a wheat berries salad with feta and mozzarella cheese, cooked carrots, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and an olive-garlic dressing to it, as a side dish I had Edame beans which I steamed cooked and put some salt on, yummy yummy! Although cooked carrots raise blood sugar faster than uncooked does, then the beta carotene (preliminary stage to vitamin A) more accessible in cooked. To this, I can imagine that it is good with chicken or salmon as a further alternative to it. Something that is important to consider when making or ordering a salad is what is in it. In many salads at the grocery store, it’s a salad base of lettuce, tomato and cucumber. These vegetables I think is more decorative than they provide nutrients. Try to complete such a salad with other vegetables such as beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, lentils or something else good that you like in a salad!  Today I was at a Chinese grocery store where I usually buy some cabbage and tofu among others. I found a new chili paste to tofu (or steak / chicken) that I had to try given how good it is usually when eating out. It was a new strong experience! The question is whether I took the right amount of chili paste or if the mistake was to drink water … I had rice and baby pak choi to it and the rice saved me from burning up I think! The baby pak choi I stir fried with a little canola oil, chilli, garlic and salt, easy and delicious!

Now it’s time to sleep to get ready for a strength workouts that I probably will go away with muscle soreness, woopwooop and goodnight!